Beaver Creek Properties & Realty LLC

Property Policies, Terms & Conditions, and Rental Rules

*** VERY IMPORTANT: Upon Check-in, the guest is required to report any issues or problems with the property they have rented to avoid being charged for damages resulting from the past guest and to help us with keeping the property in its best possible condition. ***

Payment Policy

• All quotes are in US Dollars.
• Whenever you book a vacation home with Beaver Creek Properties & Realty, you must pay in full at the time of booking.
• We accept most major credit cards. (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express)

Company Cancellation Policy

1) If you cancel 30 or more days prior to arrival, your payment will be returned in full.
2) Cancellation 29-14 days prior to arrival, your payment will be returned minus a 6% cancel fee.
3) Cancellation of 13-0 days prior to arrival forfeits your entire payment.
4) No refunds will be granted for late arrivals, early departures or no shows.
5) No refunds will be granted for emergencies involving group members, their families or relatives. Deaths, medical or otherwise.

Property Rules

1) Upon booking, guest agrees to follow all terms and conditions for the vacation home. Each property is privately owned, with Beaver Creek Properties & Realty acting solely as Agent for the Owner.

2) Many of our cabins are not pet friendly, however, in certain cabins you can bring a pet for an additional fee. Please check to see that your cabin is listed as pet-friendly if you need to bring along any pet(s).

  • If your chosen unit is pet-friendly you will be charged a $15 fee per pet, per day. If you do bring your pets, please be mindful of keeping them off all the furniture and beds, as these cabins are owned by individual families and are their private vacation homes. Any damage to furniture due to pets will incur cleaning/damage fees.
  • If you need to leave your pet in the cabin alone for any reason, please have a travel crate/kennel with you that they can be placed in while you are away as to avoid any messes or damages. If damages are found or excessive cleaning is necessary after your departure, appropriate damage fees will be charged.
  • If your unit is not pet friendly, substantial fines and cleaning fees will be imposed if management determines pets have been in the property upon inspection after departure. If found to have a pet in any non-pet friendly home during your stay, all guests and pets will be immediately evicted with no refunds.

3) All of our vacation homes are non-smoking. Absolutely no cigarettes, marijuana (medical or otherwise), vapes, hookah, or any other method of smoking will be permitted.

  • A minimum $1000.00 deep clean charge will be assessed to the guest if housekeeping or management determines that any kind of smoking has taken place inside the unit. If seen smoking in any of our vacation homes, all guests will be immediately evicted with no refunds.

4) Check-in is any time after 3:00 PM, and check-out must be by 11:00 AM. Late check-outs will be charged another day’s rental fee after 11:00 AM on the contracted departure date if a late check was not approved by management. (We are not currently offering late check outs.)

5) We ask that you be respectful of the property you are staying in – these are all individually owned vacation homes and there is an expectation that you do not leave the cabin before cleaning up after yourself and your guests. If the cabin appears dirty or damaged upon check in, please notify management immediately to avoid any charges.

  • If our housekeepers determine that excess cleaning is necessary upon inspection after your departure, or if there is any type of damage to the cabin or missing items, management reserves the right to assess a minimum $100 charge upon departure to cover costs associated with any damage or issues.
  • Be mindful that there may be areas of the vacation homes that the property owners have locked for storage and privacy – we ask that you refrain from attempting to access any area that is locked or blocked off by the owner. (garages, private laundry rooms, storage rooms, etc.)

6) Management reserves the right to provide similar accommodations if needed.

7) Maximum overnight occupancy per property as stated online must not be exceeded. If exceeded a $100 per person per day charge for the days reserved will be processed and all guests will be immediately evicted with no refunds.

8) All day visitors must leave by 11:00 pm and register upon arrival. Quiet time begins at 11:00 pm, and we ask that you please respect other guests. No more than 6 visitors per cabin.

9) All of our properties are privately owned homes. Like stated before, we ask that you please be respectful and considerate of the property you are staying in, as well as the neighbors and full-time residents in our community. Any kind of loud parties, excessive noise, or any other disturbances will not be tolerated and deemed grounds for immediate eviction with no refunds.

10) Our properties are homes of private owners and have the same potential for problems, breakdowns etc. that any typical home could have. If you notice any issue, please contact us as soon as possible or go to the office so we can work to help resolve any issues. With this in mind, we will make every effort to take care of any issues within the home as quickly as possible, however, refunds will not be awarded to guests for such instances.

11) Upon departure, you must close and lock all doors when you leave your accommodations. Do not leave money or valuables unattended in the property; neither Agent nor the owner will be held accountable or liable for any thefts/loss. Items left behind will be returned only upon request, and you will be required to pay for any shipping expenses.

12) All guests are required to adhere to all policies, rules, and regulations of Beaver Creek Properties & Realty and the vacation home that they are residing in.

13) A $25 charge per piece will be applied for any keys, club house passes, garage door openers, electronic access tabs, etc. that were issued to the guest but are not returned to our office at check-out.

14) We require a valid credit card number to have on file for all reservations. Guest authorizes management company to charge their credit card if required to cover incidentals and other uncovered costs related to their stay.

15) Guest agrees to assume responsibility and not hold owners of the vacation property and rental company, its employees, and agents, accountable for any claim or liability for any loss, damage or personal injury sustained by a guest or any guest’s invitee when staying in the vacation home, utilizing the pool/hot tub, or any other amenities related to the vacation home or resort.